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Endstate is dedicated to creating multi-dimensional products: those that boast exceptional design, unlock unparalleled experiences, and evolve as they gain deeper meaning over time. We do this by marrying the physical, digital, and experiential. What we call a “cubed product” (or 3product).
Leli Hernandez x Endstate is more than just a remarkable footwear collaboration. Owning these 3sneakers is your exclusive ticket to a world of unique perks, including a Meet-and-Greet with Leli, special access to exclusive Endstate events, and more.
Purchasing the ultra-limited Ivory colorway unlocks even more perks.


Purchasing the sneakers unlocks the following experiences:
  • Meet Leli: A unique talent, Leli is a tastemaker in acting, singing, and fashion, influencing the elites in each industry. Purchasing the Emperium 3sneaker grants you access to Leli's inner circle. Meet Leli in person and connect with influential figures who shape their industries.
  • Exclusive Content from Leli Hernandez: Enjoy a stream of exclusive content directly from Leli herself, offering you an inside look into her world.
  • Special Access to Endstate Events: Ensure your spot at exclusive gatherings with key figures in the lifestyle and fashion world.
Purchasing the ultra-limited Ivory colorway unlocks even more perks, in addition to those listed above:
  • Premiere Access to A-List Endstate Events: Secure your future access to ultra-exclusive Endstate events, where you'll have the chance to mingle with trendsetters in the lifestyle and fashion industry.
  • Social Media Spotlight: Have the chance for your own created content to be featured on Leli’s social media channels. Stay tuned for more details and exciting opportunities to have your content showcased to a wide audience.
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Introducing the Emperium silhouette, crafted by renowned footwear designer Stephanie Howard. This striking design effortlessly blends strength and elegance, bringing to life a captivating aesthetic that is sophisticated and unique. Every detail, from the stretch-fit upper to the signature ankle strap, meets the refined taste of style icon Leli Hernandez, whose discerning input on color and material ensures that the look completes Fall’s must-have fashion trends in a gender-neutral package.
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The right shoe of each pair houses a hidden NFC chip beneath the Endstate label. When scanned, it provides a digital certificate of authenticity, and also serves as your key to perks and experiences with Leli.
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The Leli Hernandez x Endstate 3sneaker collaboration offers more than just remarkable footwear. By owning these 3sneakers, you gain access to a world of exclusive experiences and interactions. Leli, a dynamic and multifaceted talent, invites you into her inner circle. Expect exclusive event access, personalized interactions, and the chance to connect with Leli in person.
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  • Purchase your 3sneakers beginning November 17. Sneakers are made to order, with the earliest orders shipping immediately and the later ones shipping in 9-12 weeks.


  • Verify authenticity by scanning the NFC chip under the Endstate label on the right shoe with your iOS or Android device. 
  • Follow the instructions to claim your certificate of authenticity.
  • Your ticket to Leli's inner circle, this collectible unlocks exclusive perks, outlined below.


  • At Endstate, we're dedicated to creating 3products that evolve with meaning, unlock unique experiences, boast exceptional design, and empower authenticity. The NFC chip in your shoe and corresponding certificate of authenticity serves as your ticket to exclusive perks, which include:
  • A Meet-and-Greet with Leli
  • Exclusive Content from Leli Hernandez
  • Special Access to Endstate Events

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